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4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR 1000 Series

Ultra-mini Size with 4-CH PoE Ports

True Plug & Play · 10TB Storage · 4K Ultra HD · Dual Stream · HDMI · Fisheye Mode Compatibility · ONVIF


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New File System

Armed with a superior file system, our NVRs bring completely new user-experience.
· Lock Record File, Tag Video and Playback File Management
· General, Event, Tag and Picture Playback
· Common Backup, Event Backup and Picture Backup
· NAS and Disk Group Function

Plug and Play

COTT’s Mini PoE NVR 1000 features 4 independent PoE ports for easy connection and configuration of network cameras, which provide power to the camera while streaming video/audio/data over a single cable. The NVR will automatically detect, configure and play the live view of the network cameras once the cable is plugged in, greatly reducing the time and expertise needed to achieve a virtually hassle-free installation process.

4K Video Viewing Experience

The COTT 4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR 1000 Series introduces a whole new smoother operational interface. With direct access to 4K network cameras, it can decode 4K real-time video and recording to provide users with an ultra-high-definition video viewing experience.

Powerful Decoding and Recording Performance

COTT’s 4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR Series is ideal for applications requiring robust decoding and recording performance, this series can support synchronous decoding up to 2-CH@4K UHD, 3-CH@5MP and 8-CH@1080P network cameras, and synchronous recording up to 9-CH 5MP high resolution cameras.

Dual Stream Recording

Dual Stream Recording enables the NVR to record in Primary+Secondary Streams. In remote playback, the Secondary Stream is recommended for a better viewing experience.

Reliable ANR

Improving storage reliability and stability, ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) allows you to automatically store video data on the network camera storage card when the network is disconnected, and retrieves it after recovery of the connection.

Versatile Interfaces

Though developed to take up as little space as possible, the 4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR comes with a whole array of ports such as an HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 4 PoE ports, and a LAN port.

Up to 10TB Capacity

The COTT 4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR includes 1 SATA interface, providing up to 10TB of plug-and-play internal hard disk storage.

Revolutionary Thermal Design

The metal panel and aluminum casing dissipate heat effectively. Moreover, the ventilation holes maximize airflow and carry the heat away, ensuring heat transfer under a variety of different load conditions.

Video Content Analysis (VCA)

COTT VCA with 10 detection modes provides advanced, accurate smart video analysis for COTT network cameras and NVRs, enabling a more comprehensive surveillance function. Modes include: Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Advanced Motion Detection, Tamper Detection, Line Crossing, Loitering, Human Detection, People Counting, Object Left and Object Removed.